Massage Classes

Massage classes are taught by our fully certified and licensed massage therapists who are experts in their fields.  These classes are designed for non-professionals who are interested in enhancing their massage skills to use on loved ones in their home.  These classes do not qualify an individual to work as a professional massage therapist.  

Couples Massage Class

Step Beyond Massage Therapy is now offering couples massage classes. For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us to set up an appointment!

Learn to give better massages. Each session will have you and your partner giving and receiving massages under the expert tutelage of our fully licensed and certified massage therapist. 

Classes                                         Price           Length
Neck and shoulders                       $120              1 Hour
Hand and Foot                               $120              1 Hour
Back, Neck and Shoulders           $240             2 Hours

One of the greatest gifts we can give to another is the gift of our presence and attention.  One of the best ways to give our attention is to learn to listen in a different way.  We can listen not only with our ears, but with our sense of touch as well.  Through touch, we can listen to the physical needs of others.  Our muscles speak to our habits and comfort level.  One of the common signs of generalized stress is tension in the upper shoulders.  If we are working on a computer or other activity that requires our hands to be held out in front of us for any length of time, you will typically find tension in the neck and between the shoulder blades.  Men tend to carry heavy loads that cause tension in the lower back.

One excellent way to alleviate this tension is through massage. We all know going to get a massage can be relaxing and beneficial to our overall health, but wouldn’t it be a much different experience to be able to get this much needed relief from someone you know, or even better someone you are in a relationship with? Massage isn’t this mystical science whose skills are only available to certain people. We can learn to help each other feel more comfortable in our day to day lives, as well as prevent stress build up.  The answer is learning how to give a better massage to another person.  Not only do others benefit from you learning how to give better massages, but you also learn how to listen to your body better.  By listening to your body better, you can alleviate a lot of muscle stress through stretching and basic movement.

A wonderful option is to take Couples Massage Classes where you can learn how to give your partner a better massage.  Couples massage classes are a great way to gain confidence in your ability to give a good massage.  Giving a good massage is a great way to show your partner love by helping them feel better and relaxing their muscles.  It also helps couples to learn how to communicate their needs and desires of how they want to be touched.  In addition to being hands on, you may also get materials such as diagrams to help you remember the direction of the strokes you will be learning for the various areas of the body.  Classes are also a good way to learn how to get better pressure in your massage without hurting your hands, a regular complaint for women, since men typically require more pressure in a massage.  Also included in classes are how to get better blood circulation to help flush away lactic acid build up that causes restriction of movement.

When looking into classes, be sure to ask if they can be changed to fit the needs and desires you are looking for.  Perhaps one couple uses the class time to learn how to do facilitated stretching techniques for one another.  Another couple may use their class time for just one person to work on their massage skills, allowing more education in the allotted time, since they do not swap places half way through the class.  Maybe you and your partner would like to use the class time to learn the basics of Reflexology, so you can give each other treatments throughout the week as needed.  Or a bridesmaid could take the class with the bride-to-be, so she could help the bride relax prior to the wedding and the bride will surprise her husband-to-be on their wedding night, with her new knowledge and skills in giving massage.

Even better, the classes can provide you with a location with many times the company that offers the classes may also offer wedding packages available for bridal showers or wedding parties, so everyone gets in on the relaxing fun.  So when looking for a nice gift for your spouse-to-be, a bride-to-be, or even yourself, consider giving a gift that is also a skill that can be used forever.

Infant Massage Class

Classes                                            Price           Length

In-office infant massage class          $50              30 minutes
At-home infant massage class          $75              30 minutes

*In home sessions also have a travel fee of $1/mile round-trip.

There are many benefits of massage for infants, both physical and psychological. Infant massage not only enhances the bond between child and parent/caregiver, but also permanently impacts brain development of the child.  Regular massages lead to calmer and happier babies, which in turn leads to more peaceful homes and happier parents.  Giving infant massage helps the parents/caregivers learn to communicate better and be more aware of child's physical needs.  Massage helps improve the immune system in general and specific techniques can be used to help common issues such as gas and sinus congestion.  Incorporating movement with massage helps children increase their body awareness and encourages coordinated movements that they will need as they develop.

We offer two options for classes; learning using doll babies in our office and having a client work on their child directly in the class in their home.  We do not work with infants in the office, only in their homes because babies and caregivers tend to be more comfortable in their own surroundings.  Personal homes are also better set up for the specific needs of each individual baby and family.   We encourage expectant mothers and their partners to take the infant massage class before the birth of a baby to be prepared to begin massaging their infants as soon after birth as possible.  When the client prefers to learn directly on their own child, we require two adults to take the class together.  That way, one adult can care for the child if the child is not responsive to the massage at that given time.  It is important not to force massage on anyone, including infants, but instead to wait until the child is responsive to receiving the massage.  We will have doll babies ready to learn on if the child needs a break from being massaged in their home.  Typically the first class is done in the office with the doll baby to teach some basic techniques and a second class is done directly on the baby in their home to address their specific needs.

Classes are 30 minutes each and begin with basic massage techniques in the first class and any additional classes will focus on addressing common childhood issues and/or reviewing techniques learned in previous class.

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